Miller's has rounded-out our foosball collection with new models from Tornado!  For those seeking the absolute best, tournament-spec foosball tables, Tornado is your only choice.  Unbeatable ball control, lightning-fast split bearings, 3/4" playfield and leg levelers adds up to 355lbs of the best foosball in town.  

Garlando's foosball tables feature butcher-block MDF cabinet construction, two neutral color options, smooth rod action, and virtually unbreakable players. This model is our perennial top-seller. This table features European-style playing field (single goalie and banked corners) and telescoping rods, which means that your little ones who "wanna play too" are protected from the opposing players' rods -- a safety feature popular with our younger families.

And Garlando's new folding indoor table was a surprise hit recently:  a space-saver that plays literally like a standard table.  We were impressed with it's incredibly rigid construction for a folding table.  Contact us for pricing and availability.  

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