Just like you never forget your children’s first steps, you also never forget their first time on two wheels. At Miller’s, we know that biking creates a sense of independence for kids that can last a lifetime. From the very first foot-to-floor vehicles and scooters in our toy department, and tricycles and balance bikes in our bike shop, it’s our goal to help you and your family enjoy bicycling now and into the future. Let us help you ride!

Balance Bikes:
Balance bikes are a relatively new phenomenon in the biking world. For generations, teetering back and forth on training wheels (and being terrified of the thought of them being removed) has been an American rite of passage. In truth, “training wheels” are an oxymoron: they really only “train” you to lean heavily on one of the wheels, eliminating the process of learning to balance. From our ultra-lightweight Jumper from Kokua of Germany, to balance bikes from Trek and Cannondale, we have a breadth of choices and price-points that will get your 2-4 year olds quickly balancing and zipping around.  As early as 3 years of age, balance bike veterans will easily transition to 12” or 16” pedal bikes. Say good-bye, training wheels!

Kids: 12” & 16”:
We offer a well-rounded selection of 12” and 16” wheel-size first bicycles. They feature incredibly strong frames, tough training wheels, and kid-friendly design features that inspire independence and confidence. When you’re ready, Miller’s will remove the training wheels, adjust the riding position, and get you set for two-wheeled fun!

Kids: 20” & 24”:
From single-speed aluminum-framed models to 8 speed models with or without suspension, we have the next bike for your kids. Don’t like grip-shifters? Let us customize your kids’ bikes so they have rapid-fire shifters just like mom and dad! We offer free adjustments on all of our bikes as well!

Sometimes, kids' little legs just can’t keep up with those family bike rides. Trail-a-bikes offer a great way to extend your rides and introduce your kids to the joy longer adventures. Miller’s also offers child seats, and child trailers to allow you to bring along kids as young as 9 months.

Questions? Concerns?
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