Why walk when you can ride? With town, city, or “hybrid” bikes, it’s an increasingly easy choice. Bikes like the Trek Verve and Dual Sport models, Cannondale's super-popular and lightweight Treadwell to Electra’s line of cruisers make riding in cities, bike paths, or country roads a complete pleasure.

Whether it’s a simple single-speed bicycle that minimizes maintenance and weight, or a commuter bike with a city bike aesthetic, these bikes will get you there and back again in comfort and style.

Electra built their entire product line on a single feature: the “flat-foot” riding position. By positioning the cranks and pedals forward of the seat post, a rider can have full leg extension and still be able to sit comfortable with both feet flat on the ground. Electra’s Townie and Verse bikes are by far the most popular at Miller’s. With colors, graphics, and fun styling, Electra makes a playful statement for every single ride.

Hybrids / Adventure:
With upright riding positions, suspension seat posts and forks, and light hybrid tires, these bikes ensure you’ll have more fun on every mile. For riders who’s primary concern is comfort, our Hybrid bikes line up will ensure that anyone and everyone can enjoy biking.

Fitness bikes offer a great combination of around-town comfort and road bike speed. Equally adept at carrying a child-seat, towing a trailer, chasing kids, and logging 20 miles, this top-selling category at Miller’s has agreed with our local customers. Perhaps your kids aren’t babies anymore and you actually have an hour to ride. Or maybe you hate spinning indoors. Either way, with prices starting as low as $600, the Fitness bike platform caters to a broad group of enthusiast and aspiring riders.

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