From race-ready road machines hand built out of carbon fiber, to comfortable fitness bikes that bring the gym outdoors, Trek and Cannondale each offer bikes that will help you log miles, burn calories, or leave the pack behind.

If you’re a beginner looking to enter road biking, or you simply don’t want to be the guy riding your college mountain bike in your local charity triathlon, let Miller’s fit you on road bike for the first time. You’ll be amazed as the miles rack up and you’ve caught the bug. Your 5-10 miles will top 20 before you know it …

Carbon: Blistering speed. Climbing with ease. Minutes turn to hours as the trees, smells, and temperatures fly by. With carbon fiber prices plunging to realistic levels that don’t require a team sponsorship to afford, race-quality frames and components are now available to even the casual weekend riders. 

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